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Architectural Evolution: A Journey through Egypt’s Rich Building Heritage

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Architectural Evolution: A Journey through Egypt’s Rich Building Heritage

egyptian architecture, characterized by its grandeur and timeless beauty, has fascinated people around the world for centuries. From the iconic pyramids to the temples and tombs, Egypt’s architectural heritage is a testament to the greatness of its civilization. This article takes you on a captivating journey through time, exploring the evolution of Egyptian architecture and its lasting impact

Mulqaf (Ventilator)

Neb Amun house

With an opening or two directed to the North, Mulqaf and multiple windows could have worked as a solution for providing a successful circulation of Air, especially in compact buildings

For a more in-depth history of the Egyptian Mulqaf please read Mulqaf; origin-language-design


Portico in an egptian house

Mud Models since the middle kingdom have shown a columned portico in front of the ground floor rooms. Portico will persist to appear in different tombs in the Middle Kingdom and in the new kingdom, where we see it, however, with more artistic and detailed shapes which might express the statues of the man who lived inside the house.

For a more in-depth history and details please read Portico in details

Blue and green

‘The Typical plan of the Egyptian house is already formed: the large orchard and lake were always considered as essential parts of a mansion ‘Alexander Badawy

For a more in-depth history of the lake and garden in Egypt.please read Blue and Green

Doors and Gates

Door architectural representations show various types of doors, from the simplest lintel set on the elaborate door with grilled arched transom (Neferhotep, Meryre) or the peculiar portal with broken lintel in Amarna. The usual type has vertical jambs and a deep lintel decorated with a torus molding and cavetto A.B III 35

For a more in-depth history of the Egyptian Doors please read

Egyptian Doors


Windows of Egypt
For a more in-depth discussio, please read Egyptian Windows

Egyptian Decoration

Egyptians have been known for their artistic character, they appreciated the beauty of their letter that they never dropped. While other countries around us were moving from pictorial writing, we, Egyptians, maintained a Pictorial writing and the easier abbreviation of it known as (Hieratic).

‘All Egyptian design was strongly decorative. The love of form and of drawings was perhaps a greater force with the Egyptians than with any other people’
*Egyptian Decorative Art, Petrie

For a more in-depth historyplease read Egyptian Ornament


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